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The Altitude is High, and So Am I

The ride here was cold but bearable. I cried a little—in a good way, in a joyful way—in an I-am-having-the-adventure-of-a-lifetime way. For miles to our left, the volcano Cotopaxi smiled through the clouds. Her snowy peaks peeking through as if to say, “yes, my love, this is where you’re meant to be.”

Bienvenidos a Central America

I’m sitting at a long, raw edge wood table. One designed for communal meals. Running along it’s center is a living garden. Plants grow out of it where centerpieces would be. Across the table, I can see Utopia Hostel’s bar.

Thanks Mexico, We’ll Be Coming Bacalar

 Since we got here in the dark, we didn’t see the lake until this morning. It is a stunning combination of blues depending on the depth and our hotel was right on the water. We are going to spend a few days here getting our things in order and making sure we are ready to cross the border into Belize. This will be our final Mexican city, and let me tell you it is a spectacular way to wrap up a country.