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“In her wedding vows two years ago, Rachel told Josh she would ride his motorcycle with him to South America, a dream of his for over a decade. A year later, they embarked on what would become a life changing journey from Seattle through Latin America.”

-quote literally by Rachel and Josh themselves.


We are a vegan, married, very nifty and hip couple riding our motorcycle through Latin America.

Both Seattle natives and travel junkies, this is at least the third or twelfth time we have quit our jobs to travel. It is certainly the longest we have traveled for, as we have no return plans and our bank account looks like the 2008 market crash.


What kind of motorcycle do you ride?
A KTM1190 Adventure.

Do you both drive?
Hell to the no. The bike is enormous, and Rachel is not. The only time Rachel ever tried to drive a motorcycle she tipped it over and burned her leg. You can watch that video here.

How did you get the bike from Panama to Colombia?
We shipped it on a cargo airplane, and we flew separately!

Has it been hard finding vegan food while traveling?
Surprisingly, no. Smaller towns are a little harder, but in each country we quickly figured out what to ask for at restaurants so we get well fed. Most countries in Latin America have a typical dish that is served everywhere, so once we learn to modify that dish, we can order at any roadside or local restaurant. We also find alot of fully vegan or vegetarian restaurants by using Happy Cow.

How do you take/edit your photos?
Magic. Just kidding. We shoot with a Canon 6d and either a 35mm or 24-70mm lens. We edit using presets in Lightroom!

  • Driving In Northern Peru: Cities to Stay in, Where to Eat Vegan, and Hostels to Stay inSeptember 26, 2019 by Rachel EditNorthern Peru is enormous. As such, there were many—and I mean MANY—times when we either had to buck up and do really long ride days, or stay in random cities multiple times in a week. We did a combination, and here is a route of where we rode, where we stayed, and what the driving was like. Oh, and of course, how vegan friendly Northern Peru is or isn’t.
  • Staying Fit While Traveling: Our Favorite Workouts, Gear, and Apps for Staying Healthy on the RoadSeptember 25, 2019 by Rachel EditTraveling full time, Josh and I have figured out exactly what products, clothes, gear, and even snacks are the best for being on the road 24/7. Fitness has always been important to Josh and me, and we wanted to make sure we were able to stay fit while traveling even if we didn’t have a gym membership. We are compiling lists of our Favorite Things, and this post is exclusively dedicated to our favorite fitness thangs.

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