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Why Is It So Hard to Find Women’s Gear?


Ok. So I’m really 5’3″ (still not model height) and I’m more of a one-too-many-martinis fun. But I do wanna dance, and it would be really nice to have some quality motorcycle pants to show off my moves. 

For the last month, Josh and I have been ordering thousands of dollars worth of motorcycle gear from Revzilla, the website Josh swears by for all his biking-gear needs. So far, the only item out of the dozens of boxes we’ve received that has worked for me are a pair of shoes. To be fair, these shoes are incredible. I tried on several pairs, all of which fit my very specific demands:

1. Must be cute.

2. Must be protective.

3. Must be comfortable enough to walk from the bike to the bar (not back, don’t worry, no drunk riding here), or around town if we stop somewhere.

The boots I ended up choosing fit the bill. I went with the TCX Smoke WP Women’s Boots, which have the look of a trendy Doc Marten motorcycle boot and the feel of a super comfortable snow shoe. They are super thick, which tells my feet they are safe. I know very little about the technicality of motorcycle gear (still learning), but Josh vetted them before we ordered and he confirmed they were top notch for riding safety. 

My favorite thing about these boots is that they have a little heel, which I’m hoping will actually help when it comes to the pantaloons hunt. So far, every single pair of pants we’ve ordered for me have been a bust. This is not because the gear is poor in quality: this stuff is the top of the top (don’t worry mom, I’ll be covered in a protective shell that could prevent rhinos from harming me). The pants are just too damn long. 

Part of the challenge is finding gear that not only fits me physically, but that matches with the type of riding we’ll be doing and the climate in which we will be riding. The closest pant I found that could have worked was the Dainese New Drake Air Women’s Textile Pants, but the knee pads sat way below my knees (think shin guards instead), and sadly they weren’t adjustable. I’m crossing my fingers the Dainese Travelguard Gore-Tex Women’s Pants will do the trick; they’re similar in comfort and fit to the New Drakes but have adjustable knee pads.

As for a jacket, I haven’t found a thing. We’ve ordered tons of different styles and brands, but everytime I put one on I’m transported back to the first time my parents put me in a snowsuit. My body goes completely stiff and I feel like Veruca Salt when she turns into a blueberry. Josh refers to me as “The Michelin Man,” when this happens, which is everytime I put on a motorcycle jacket.

I have high hopes that we’ll find a jacket that fits in such a way where I don’t feel like a paralyzed marshmallow. When that time comes, you can be sure I’ll write a very neccessary post dedicated entirely to my new favorite jacket. 

Until next time, monkeys!


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